Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Public Art

I just stepped outside for a moment here at work, and I noticed this strange little thing hidden in the corner of the window frame.  I tilted it up with my foot and saw that there was writing on the back of it.  I found a little painting!

On the back, it says handwritten:
And stamped:
Public Paintings: Find & Keep for a Month

Who knows how long it's been there.  So now I've got a painting by Christopher Fitzgerald for a month, starting August 30th!  I'm so excited and I think this is one of the coolest things ever.  Now I just have to decide where I'm going to leave it when my time is up.

Ryan Witte


Anonymous said...

That's excellent that you found a Fitzgerald painting. You are a lucky one!

Anonymous said...

I'm the one that left the painting at Lincoln Center. I found the painting at Antidote Coffee in Houston a few weeks before my last trip to NYC. I took it with the intention of leaving it somewhere in one of the houses at the MOMA's exhibition on prefabricated housing. But, I forgot to take it there. I was staying with a friend a couple of blocks from Lincoln Center. On the morning of my last day in NYC I walked to to get coffee and left the piece in the window frame. THere was so much construction going on there I had to be careful where to place it. Glad you are enjoying it.

Ryan Witte said...

That's awesome! Thanks for commenting. What's funny about the construction is that when I first saw it, it sort of looked like an old floor tile or something.

Had you left it at the MoMA show, I might have been the one to find it there, also, if you believe in such cosmic things. I'm sure it would've gotten snatched up way before I got there, though.

It's kind of a shame that I didn't happen to be traveling to a different city during my month with the Fitzgerald. I left it in a sort of alcove outside Grand Central Station, in hopes that it might be picked up by someone going to Philly or someplace by train. Passing by a week or two later, it was gone, so who knows what happened to it.

Anonymous said...

I have had my Fitzgerald for quite sometime at least 18 months. It was not until today that I was led to investigate it fully. My Fitzgerald is titled "Booth"...I've been using it as a coaster...Ughh!!!! Thank the Powers that be it is yet un harmed.....I've got watery eyes at the pospect that I have stumbled onto something great and wonderful. As much as I do not want to surrender it I will do so after completing my MA at Seminary here in New York City. It has become such a part of me. I hope whoever finds it finds the the great joy it has given me

Ryan Witte said...

Hey Normal,

Yeah, it was a lot of fun having that little painting. I almost feel like I treasured it more knowing I would have to eventually give it up. I should check back and see if anyone has found that one.

Stay tuned, Fitzgerald has been in touch and has asked me to place a few paintings for him around New York, I think he said at the beginning of next year. Hopefully I'll meet with him and do a little interview for the blog.