Thursday, October 2, 2008

Don't Be Scared

One of my very favorite designers from Brooklyn, Joshua Longo, recently got a gallery show at the Shelburne Museum in Vermont.  I had included his work in my coverage of BKLYN DESIGNS one year, but he's got some new pieces now that I hadn't seen before.  Longo makes SCARY, SCARY MONSTERS!
There's also a really huge one at the Shelburne show that I guess is the carcass of a monster that met with an unfortunate accident:

It also appears that the Longoland website is up and running.  You should definitely go look around there.  His monsters are awesome.  There's a bunch of pictures of some of his older work that I'd not seen before, like this monster, which totally cracks me up:

I wasn't aware that Machos came in these colors, either:

Inbreeding, maybe.  

And I had seen this monster, Beau, before:
But I wasn't aware that it had such an ENORMOUS anus!

It must eat a lot.

©2008, Ryan Witte


missziss said...

beau is like an inbred shih tzu! love it.

Ryan Witte said...

Isn't his stuff fantastic? What really sold me was his monster skin rug.