Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Edge of the World

Here's a group of designers from New Zealand distributed by Essenze (spelled with "nz" for the location).

Lucy Tupu

Catherine David Designs
This was really fun and quite beautiful: "Vintage Axminster 'Cow Skin'"

David Haig
This piece was at the show and I thought it was extremely elegant: "Signature Rocking Chair"

Conscious Design
This was at the show, as well: "Tio"
I'm really loving these old-timey upholstery fabrics a LOT, especially when used on clearly contemporary pieces.

Their star designer though, in my humble opinion, is David Trubridge.  He's doing a lot of really amazing work with housewares, lighting, and furniture.  Some misses here and there, but mostly hits from him.

I'm not terribly crazy about his housewares, but one item I did really like is his "Pebble Bowl Set"
I really appreciate how natural they look, and they're quite stunning in a group.

Similarly, much of the lighting I don't feel is breaking any especially new or interesting ground.  However I do really like "Squirt," which is quite distinctive.

And "Floral" is kind of really lovely, and could look very organic.

I imagine them being hung in groups.  The light patterns they'd fill a room with would be very interesting, too, I suspect.  There's another very similar to this called "Coral," with a more geometric pattern.  I wasn't sure that one was quite as successful.

His furniture is extremely elegant, though, and he obviously has an eye for line.  "Dondola":



"Ruth Rockers 2 & 1"

"Ruth Upholstered"

A good number of their designers' smaller items: housewares, jewelry, pottery, glassworks, etc. are available by mail order.

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