Wednesday, March 12, 2008

For the Floor


Here are some beautiful rugs from Esti Barnes of London's Top Floor.

"Esquire" was the one I really loved:
In hand-tufted wool, as if somebody wrinkled it.  It's always nice to have the hand of the artisan in the work, but this one does lead me to wonder if anyone is working with computer-guided cutting tools to create impossible textures in the pile of their rugs.

Here's "Stone":
I've seen stuff like this before, namely from Nani Marquina, but I just can't get enough of the heavily and interestingly textured floor coverings.  We need less boring carpets.

I hadn't seen "Esquisse" before, but this is extremely clever:
Around the edges, it appears like it's trying to be a more-or-less traditionally-inspired rug, but then it fades out in the center, almost like the pattern has been worn away by use.  It's a wonderful way of symbolizing this most ancient of crafts, that of carpet-weaving.

She's also doing some very elegant work with metallic threads, this is "Endless":
With silver thread against black.  Although there was a similar one at the show with blue fibers fading into gold against a khaki background, and I think that one was much warmer.

Here are some of her latest works, but it's unclear which one is which on the website:
I very much like the round one, a very sharp, geometric pattern, but still obviously inspired by natural forms, a stunning contrast.  I also love the slight illusion of three-dimensionality.

I think the most brilliant of them--and I wish they'd had one of these at the show--is "Luminoso":
It's a rug interwoven with LEDs, so it lights up?  AMAZING.

She also offers some really exquisite cashmere throws and things, which look exceedingly cuddly.  You can see those on their website.

©2008, Ryan Witte

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