Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Violently Happy

Kikkerland is another one of those companies the booth for which I look forward to seeing every year. "This booth always puts a smile on my face," I told their rep. She asked me if she could quote me, I said said "of course." But it's really true. They always have the funniest, cleverest things on display.

I wouldn't normally show a purse, but this is great:
The closure is a magnet, and it's fairly strong, so the metal beads stick to it, which I thought was interesting for some reason. It is the kind of thing that could definitely get you stopped by police, which is a bit Punk Rock, but a lot of people might find that a nuisance. At worst, you might cause rioting, although I don't think it's technically unlawful to carry something like this. It would most definitely be perfect accessorized along with Citizen: Citizen's bulletproof corsage.

I also really want one of these test pattern mouse pads:

For all your fine dining needs, there's a tray called "Sing Sing":
It's modeled off the ones used by the inmates at the famous prison.
--Image courtesy USGen Web Archives.
Sing Sing, by the way, was built by inmates and completed in 1828 with architecture by John Carpenter--though not the same one who works for Morphosis. It gave rise to the expression "going up the river," since it was up the Hudson from New York City. It was home to George Parker, the man who would try to sell people the Brooklyn Bridge. It also held William Van Schaick, captain of the General Slocum, which I have quite coincidentally talked about before. And Albert Fish, one of the most abominable serial killers in history--and with a life story so disturbing you can't help but just laugh in horror at how messed up it was--was incarcerated there. You'd be in great company eating off that tray.

But if you want to feel fancier than that, here's some of the nicest plastic silverware I've ever seen:

But I think my favorite pieces they showed this year were these umbrellas with sword handles, designed by Materious, a.k.a. Bruce & Stephanie Tharp:

The Samurai is the only one in production, the other two are just prototypes. They said they want to see how this is going to work, how people feel about walking around town with something in their hand that looks so much like a weapon, before they start producing them. I was so fascinated with them that it hadn't even occurred to me that it could be a problem, but I suppose it's true. I hope they do the Marine sword, though, that's the one I want. The sort of knightly one is fun, too (or is it for a pirate?), but I kind of picture some bearded overweight guy who wears long robes and is WAY too into the Renaissance Fair carrying that one.

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