Thursday, July 2, 2009

Temperature Rising

Next up is the always incredible Artemide. I've long been a fan of their work, and I actually have an Artemide sconce, this one, "Icaro":
I don't have any place for a wall fixture in my current apartment. Besides, it's a bit too high-tech for my aesthetic now, which is much more warm and earthy. I still love the fixture, though.

They have a couple of amazing new pieces this year by designer Ross Lovegrove, namely, the Aqua Cil line, here's table and floor:

Most astonishing, though, was this one, "Mercury":
Don't ask me why for their glamour shot they used this image where somebody bumped the camera. But anyway, I could see this from way down the aisle and made a beeline for their booth to see what it was. It's absolutely breathtaking. I said that to the booth rep and remarked that it looked like drops of mercury floating in space. She smiled and said "that's what it's called, 'Mercury!'" Sharp as a tack, I am. That's the ceiling version, here's the suspension:
Not at the show, clearly related, but not seemingly part of the same line is this one, "Droplet," where the circular aluminum plate has ripples in it like the surface of a lake:
The ripples make this a far more interesting piece, the texture is amazing and obviously the result of some advanced machine technologies. But there aren't enough droplets in this one. The circular plate is too large and they end up feeling lost. I definitely think their best bet would be to combine these two together, in other words, "Mercury" with a complexly rippled plate. In any case, the polished chrome reflectors are uniquely beautiful and cast the most interesting quality of light, exactly what a brilliant light fixture should do.

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