Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holy Family, Batman

A coworker of mine was recently visiting Barcelona with her husband, who plays in the New York Philharmonic. She knows how much I love architecture and was nice enough to take some photos for me of Antonio Gaudí's Sagrada Familia. So I thought I'd show them to you. She made the disclaimer that she's not a photographer and didn't know if they were any good. So please don't be too critical, but I think they're quite nice.

It was actually Gaudí who started me off on my life-long love affair with Art Nouveau way back when I was a small lad. So when I was in Barcelona, I did explore a lot of Parc Guell, which I photographed a great deal and got some fantastic pictures of it (they're all stuck on 35mm film for the moment). I think we passed by a couple of other buildings, as well. But on that trip I never did get over to see the Sagrada Familia.

Click for larger.

The one I think is perfect from the bottom to top is his Casa Batlló.

--Photo courtesy Pajaro Salvador.
The first time I saw it in photographs, it completely blew my mind.

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