Friday, September 25, 2009

We Will Rock U--Part Five (End)

As a quick conclusion to my series on the Rockefeller University, I'd just like to mention some of the more recent things going on there.

First of all in 2000, as part of the same development as the renovation of Peggy Rockefeller Plaza (which it was impossible to not mention earlier), they put up the Campus Pedestrian Bridge between Weiss and the Scholar's residence.
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--All photos ©2009, Ryan Witte.
Designed by Wendy Evans Joseph, it was the first cable-stayed pedestrian bridge in New York and won all kinds of awards. I still remember reading about it when it was first constructed. Since it leads to a residential building and I felt it best to not go wandering around through the buildings' interiors too much, I didn't get to walk across it, but it's a very suave bit of civil engineering.

At the complete opposite end of the campus, a new addition is going in that connects Flexner Hall with another laboratory building from 1931, Theobald Smith Hall by CSBA:

Seen here from the terrace of Abby Aldrich:
I also didn't discuss Smith Hall because, with the construction going on, it's impossible to get over there and it's also a bit torn up, anyway. The addition is called the Collaborative Research Center, because it ties together various laboratories, and therefore scientists working in a variety of fields. It will give the people working in each of the two buildings more opportunities to intermingle. The architecture is by Mitchell/Giurgola, and it's slated for completion around this time next year. Perhaps when it's finished I'll return for an addendum to these posts.

The Collaborative Bioscience Center Annex is just about finished, with architecture by KlingStubbins.

Although they don't appear to have done anything else in New York, KlingStubbins has done some really sleek, impressive work, I'll have to say. Since I've been talking about casinos lately, they also designed the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

©2009, Ryan Witte

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