Thursday, September 17, 2009

Unbridled Skills

Especially where the fashion designers are concerned, I've long held the Belgians in high regard. They seem to have an unusually high talent-to-person ratio there. Here are a couple of pieces from a Belgian designer with a fantastic sense of style, Gauthier Poulain.

First, this is his "Whims" cabinet:
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A nicely proportioned piece from the start, but it has lights inside that reveal this interesting graphic element:

There's a little something rather tattooish about it that I really like, but without being overly bikery about it. Strange adjectives there, sorry. You'll notice there's a horse rearing up, which presumably refers to the designer's last name: clever branding but not hitting you over the head with it.

The pieces he had at the show, which I found particularly suave, were these, "Hold-H" and "Hold-V" (horizontal and vertical, respectively):
He said he wanted to pull from the language of fine, handcrafted luggage.

The detailing is exquisite. They're quite distinctive and fully modern, yet subtle and refined at the same time. Truly beautiful work.

©2009, Ryan Witte

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