Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Powered Up

Here's a couple of cool things from a company called Bocci, from Vancouver, BC. First of all, here's their "17" coffee table:

It's a slab of marble with those bowl-shaped indentations carved out of it. Then the ceramic bowls rest inside them. Each of these tables is unique, with custom made bowls. I love in this one how that longer bowl is cut off with a straight edge.

I'm really impressed by the "22" electrical system, which does away completely with the switch-plate:
It allows the sockets to be imbedded right into the sheetrock.

The randomness of those three is so infinitely cool, and it's stunning in wood, as well:
They have sockets for cable television, ethernet, and phone, and they even have an LCD screen for controlling other sorts of devices. They're working on a light switch presently.

"Yeah, but...what if you need to remove it? How do you get it out?" you ask? Simple enough. You're provided with this tool, which you slide in around the socket and twist, and it just pops right out:

What's remarkable to me is that I don't think anyone has really re-conceived the switch/switch-plate model in the entire century that we've been wiring buildings. Is that really possible?

©2009, Ryan Witte

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