Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Guggenheims and Ghosts

So, Architecture's one and only diva (sorry Denise), Zaha Hadid, won the competition for the new Guggenheim in Lithuania.  When I saw the headline, I thought "but of course she did, she ROCKS."  Then I saw the images.  Holy CRAP did she ever design the hell out of this thing:
Yes, please.  And I love how she modeled in Donald Judd sculptures.  As much as I'll defend Gehry, Hadid completely blows him out of the water.  Her forms are extremely sculptural and fluid like Gehry's, but they have a real stylistic direction and expressive force that Gehry's work for the most part seems to lack.

But then I saw Daniel Libeskind's entry, and all I can say is this must have been an extremely difficult decision for whoever was making it.  His is also so unbelievably gorgeous, I'm actually kind of sad that it won't ever get built:

The third entry shown is by Massimiliano Fuksas (all image credits there) and is truly extraordinary, too.  Still, I'm happy for Hadid and I can't help but wait breathlessly for the first thing she'll build in NYC (if she ever gets the chance).

Also: I really, really, really want a Pac-Man Ghost Belt-Buckle:

That is just so many different kinds of awesome.

Ryan Witte

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