Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wallpaper or Bust


Here's some really beautiful wallpaper from Jill Malek.

She told me she does all the drawings by hand, but then manipulates the images on the computer to make these really extraordinary patterns out of them.  This is really cute, "Baby Elephant Walk" (click them):

Awesome for a kid's room.

Here's "Flux":

I think that was my favorite.  It's birds in flight, at different stages of wing beat.  I just love the way it creates these undulating patterns if you step back.

This one is called "Resurrection":

That's also really beautiful.  It has the quality of being a traditional wallpaper pattern, maybe with a little bit of an Art Nouveau hint to the floral design, but it's very clearly the result of new technology.

This one is called "Stampede."  You definitely have to look at this up close to figure out what she's done:

I just love how, from far away, it reads like a very abstract pattern, but when you look more closely, it's actually something very natural.  It's the outline of a galloping horse in profile.  But then she plays with it, changing the size, so that it continues to overlap again and again to create the pattern.  Unlike some other papers along these lines, this doesn't strike me as requiring a goofy Stable Theme with riding crops and saddles on the wall to look really nice.

Jill Malek
Luscious Print and Wallpaper Designs

In other news, it was no mystery to me that Lincoln Center has a truly astonishing collection of art, but I just discovered that we have a bust of Gustav Mahler by Auguste Rodin, I think somewhere in Avery Fisher Hall:
--photo UWO Music Library
Holy cow.

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