Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tea Totally


Here's a cool couple of things from Joey Roth.

At the show he was demonstrating his Sorapot:

It's actually really beautiful and simple.  There's a video of it in use on his site, but you unscrew the metal casing, put in the tea leaves, close it back up, and pour in boiling water.  Then you can watch the tea leaves unfurl as they steep:

Which will add to your enjoyment of drinking tea, no doubt.  The glass is Pyrex, and there's a wire mesh screen at the spout end to filter the leaves.  I happen to be a coffee drinker, myself, so I asked if he'd thought to use a finer metal screen for making coffee.  I'm not sure it would work as nicely, but he said he's working on putting together a type of French Press along those lines.

The packaging is quite nice, too, I think, made from the same material as egg cartons, so it's all recycled:

Roth has also designed a great glass teacup from which to drink your tea. Somehow it reminds me of a Vienna cafe at the turn of the century:

And a mouse:

The proportion of the buttons obey the Golden Mean.  It's made out of a soft wool felt, which he says allows it to be very comfortable without being "cartoonishly ergonomic."  I'll have to admit that, for the most part, mice only come in one shape, and it is rather boring.

Joey Roth

©2008, Ryan Witte

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