Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Light Bright

Here's some really amazing lighting from London's Sharon Marston.  Seriously, again and again, it's proven to me that some of the best lighting on the planet comes out of the UK.  Maybe because it's so cloudy there?  Who knows.

Anyway, Marston is using fiber-optics and hand-blown glass to create these incredibly wispy, almost ghostly light fixtures.  Here's "April," click for larger views:

This is "Flora Cascade":

I love the very natural quality of that.

Here's "Laelia":

And I think my favorite of all of them is "Glacial," because it really does look like you're underwater looking up through a hole in the ice:

It's such wonderfully uncommon imagery to draw inspiration from, I really like it.  And great subliminally if it's a balmy August night.

Sharon Marston
(UK) 440-208-670-4644

Also, as a bit of a follow up to my recent ranting about the state of architecture in this city, I'm loving this article.  But really I'm just disgusted that there would be any opposition at all to one of the world's greatest living architects building such a masterpiece for us here.  And because it's "out of scale."  Out of scale.  For Midtown Manhattan.  Seriously, are you on crack???  It's Midtown Manhattan, for crying out loud!  I swear, Guiliani's miserable Disneyfication of this city has had repercussions that are starting to seriously make me sick.  Already we're being blazingly outshone by Dubai, Taipei, and Beijing.  If things continue the way they have been, in no time it will be virtually impossible to build anything of any global interest here at all.  It's really pathetic.

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Alfredo Perez said...

These fixtures are out of this world, they are spectacular..

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