Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tech Knowledgy

Here's a few deliciously high-tech items from Arktura.

This is the "Stealth Table":

The base is powder-coated cast aluminum.

These next two are made with computer-guided cutting tools--the "Coral Table/Bench":
And the "Hive Bench":

Especially with "Hive," they're really pushing boundaries with new technology, and I think it's very exciting.  The pattern is quite noticeably sort of scientific, even biological.  It's an uncommon way to discover Beauty, but I think they've managed it.

I think the coolest one is the "Vortex Table":

For this, they used Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Robotic technology to form the carbon fiber strands.  I saw some work similar to this at the DatEM show at the MoMA, where they were "painting" the shape of an invisible chair in the middle of the room, and a computer system tracks the hand movements in three-dimensions and then maps out a physical object.  Extremely interesting stuff.  This table is a bit more elegant, though, and quite obviously something brand new.


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