Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lurve the Curves

Like I said, I'm not talking much about contract furniture here, but I'm making a small post about Hickory Business Furniture of North Carolina for a couple reasons.  This new line of theirs, the "C Collection" is by Yves Behar, who's a fantastically talented designer.  I also thought these pieces would work just fine in a residential environment, although they are fairly starkly modern.  The modern stuff may not fit my tastes 100% of the time, but of course there is a place for it, and beautiful is beautiful.  Also, the booth rep was kind of flirty with me.  I didn't mention that sales tactic in my Booth Rep Critique Post, but let it be known, if you have good-looking booth reps, Flirty is always a good thing.

So here's the sofa, floor lamp, and occasional table:

The lines are very Minimalist, obviously, which I very much like, but it's also got a very strong presence and some muscle to it.  The rep encouraged me to sit on it because it's so comfortable, and it really was wonderfully comfortable.  I also happened to plop myself right down next to Behar, himself.

He was busy talking to someone on his other side, but he looked at me and I think I told him his sofa was very comfortable.  

Anyway, here are the chairs:

For some reason, I'm not feeling the black as much, but it's still very nice.  I love the white.  This is another one that could truly benefit from a creative choice of unusual upholstery fabric, although I'd want to be careful to not ruin the effect of this.

The side chairs I think complement the loungey pieces in such an interesting way:

It's like he's taken the same soft, simple, curving form and interpreted it in a different way, with the woodwork this time.  But these would look great in the next room over from the first pieces.

Hickory Business Furniture

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