Monday, June 30, 2008

Northern Climates

nea studio, named for designer Nina Edwards Anker, is another small company based in both Oslo and New York.  Some of her work is a little bit harsh for my taste, but all around, there's no question she has talent as a designer.  

Whoever was working her booth, two guys, they were sitting around having a nice little conversation amongst themselves and couldn't be bothered to even acknowledge my presence, despite the fact that I was clearly interested in the work.  I think I even kind of glanced at them expectantly, but they didn't even see me.

Presumably still in the conceptual stage is her "Water Bench":
The precarious balancing act this performs is wonderful--perhaps like the precariousness of our planet's fragile ecosystem?

It's designed for outdoor spaces in regions with extreme climates.  It's a little difficult to tell, but I gather the water in it is sealed over with a thick sheet of glass on top.  In cold weather, it extracts heat from underground to warm the water, and on hot days, it feeds into the city's water supply to cool it down--so it will always be comfortable to sit on.  I assume it feeds the water back into the system uncontaminated, and relies on it only to control its temperature.

This is her "Cape Chair":

It would require the right environment to work really well.  It looks a bit scientific, but it's just so delicate and refined, also.  I think it's quite gorgeous, actually.

This is still my favorite piece of hers, the "Twisted Sofa," which she had on display at the show:

I think this is just exquisitely beautiful.  Very Important Conversation Guys were sitting on it and I guess I can't blame them; it looks extremely comfortable.  I love how the very simple twist of the cushions creates an armrest on one side, and a lounge on the other.  It's Minimalist but almost somehow organic at the same time.  It's actually two foams with different firmness, more firm for the seats, less so for the backrests.  It is a red again, but it's a little bit of a warmer tone that doesn't bother me, and I think the sort of velvety upholstery fabric prevents it from reflecting so much light as to make it jarring.  I kind of want one for my living room.

nea studio

©2008, Ryan Witte

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