Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Making Fun

New York's Areaware is always a group to keep your eyes on.  Every year I find something new in their booth that's either disturbingly clever, wackily bizarre, or just plain funny.

First, just something really nice looking.  Wooden clocks by Singgih Kartono:

This is the small one and the large one, there's also a medium-sized one.  I really like how they recall radios from the '60s and '70s, but they're obviously new.  I don't see any technical specs, but wood has beautiful resonance.  They're mp3-player compatible, too.

These are really funny, "Self-Portrait Mirrors" by Choe & Tomlinson:

If you're not quite ready to grow a mustache like I did.  Here's one where you can be a pirate:

Did you hear about that new pirate movie?

It's rated "Arrr."

This is Barnaby Barford's "Solitaire Olive Dish":

Sorry the images are a little small.  These are all brand new pieces not even really in their catalogue yet.  You probably don't want everyone fingering your olives before you eat them, but that's still pretty fun.  I don't know if I could eat that many olives by myself, either.  I love olives, but I don't think I love olives THAT much.

Here are "Honesty Stamps" by Dominic Wilcox, for all the lines that repeatedly come up in relationships:

That one says What do you mean I'm always too busy? which actually makes it so delicious that it's a stamp.  The others are hysterical, too:

All I ask for is one last chance.
In all my life I've never met anyone as beautiful as you.
I sincerely apologize for all the trouble I've caused.
I swear on my mother's grave I'll never do that again.
I know in the past I've found it difficult to say these words but I LOVE YOU.
You're right, the key to a strong relationship is communication.
It wasn't my fault! and
But I've changed!

These are really cute, too--"Taz Ah" by Attua Aparicio Torinos:
There's a snout on the bottom of the mug, so when you go to drink from it, it looks like it's on your face.  There's a whole bunch of different animals, here's the dog nose:
The only problem with this is that if you get a group of people drinking from these and they get the giggles, the risk of spraying coffee out your nose would rise dangerously.

I also really think I want a lightning shirt:

That's very cool.

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2nd Floor

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