Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Does Anybody Really Know?

This is a company from Barcelona called Nomon that makes some really amazing clocks.

Here's "Axioma I," the clock mechanism in silver:

Here it is in wood, "Axioma M":

Then you can also get number markers for the wall surrounding the mechanism--here's "Merlin 4 I" named thus I gather because the markers are like wands:

And "Merlin 12 M" in wood:

They're just so grand and beautiful, elegant but so robust.  They have "Rodon" which is circular dot markers, and "Tacon," which is rectangular bars, and you can get them "Mixto"--a combination of the above.  But I think I like this one the best.

"Bilbao" is a similar design of mechanism in a huge circular frame:

And a floor version called "Puntero" which is incredible:

But out of all of them, my favorites are most certainly "Doble O" and "Doble O D":

You should click those.  I adore this big, muscular, industrial aesthetic, likely because it's sort of vaguely Steampunk.  But at the same time, they remain almost light and definitely restrained.  I think they're utterly classy.  

They have a hundred retailers in their home town, but surprisingly zilch in the U.S. at this point.  Maybe we should change that.  In any case, I'm sure their pieces can be shipped.


©2008, Ryan Witte

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