Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Mad as a Hatter

All I can say about New York's Deeply Madly Living is that their selection is bizarre and
extreme.  Extreme in any number of different ways: ornate to the point of grotesque (in the decorative sense, not to say "ugly"), very ostentatiously recycled, almost obscenely confrontational, ridiculously hypermodern, however, but always just...extreme.

First, for the furniture, a couple of ridiculously modern pieces:

It's made from memory foam, so it's really quite comfortable, and upholstered in white leather.

The "Zero Gravity Chair" is also memory foam:

It was tested by NASA--for what I don't know--certified by the Space Foundation and allegedly uses the largest single sheet of bentwood ever used in a piece of furniture.

The dining table and chairs is just insane, I've never seen anything quite like it.  It's like Modernism on steroids:

This is called "Hollywood Stardom":

It's a silver couch.

A silver couch.

And they sell silver pillows separately:

And sequined ones:

And "Gold Bar" pillows, as well:

If you're more into Vegas than Hollywood, here's their "Folies Bergere" pillow--with feathers on it--and matching throw:

What any well-appointed Goth household must have--Swarovski crystal skull & crossbones guest towels:

And last but definitely not least, the "Crab Tray":

Um...oh...holy crap.

Of course it's absolutely perfect for serving lobster or any other kind of seafood feast, but it's just SO Baroque, it's almost...scary looking.

Each of their items individually are kind of startling, but as a collection of merchandise, I can honestly say I've never seen a selection quite like this before.  Trust me, it takes a lot for me to say something like that these days, but it's the truth.  If you have a quirky sense of style--and an even quirkier sense of humor--they've without doubt got the store for you.

Deeply Madly Living

©2008, Ryan Witte

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